The Happiest Place on Earth

I have been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida twice in my life and I consider myself extremely privileged because of this. Not to sound cliché but it really is the happiest place on earth, at least in comparison to all the other places I have been in the world.Image

The first time we were there I was 9 and my brother was 5. It was my parent’s dream to take us to Disney World to ‘meet’ all of our favourite Disney characters  and they were not disappointed at our enthusiasm. We stayed for 10 jam-packed days that first time with little rest in between in order for us to see everything we wanted to. It is a very big area as, at the time, there were 3 parks and 3 water parks that belong to Disney and in the nearby vicinity are Universal Studio’s, the Kennedy Space Centre, Sea World and Busch Gardens. For all of the Disney parks, if you are staying at a Disney hotel, your transport to the parks will be free of charge. Our hotel was themed after Disney movies with the Mighty Ducks featuring all over the place and also Herbie themed swimming pools.

ImageOn our first day we met a host of characters at the Magic Kingdom, including Tigger, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and even Pluto. We loved it! Parades are also a big part of the day at Disney and at lunch time floats with many of the Disney characters take part, along with dancers in themed outfits. At the Magic Kingdom there are also rides for children and a few for adults, but where adults will be most excited is at Epcot Centre as there are many tech innovations to see. Not to mention Test Track, a ride emulating a real test track for manufactured cars, which we enjoyed tremendously on our second visit to the US when I was 17.

The last of the parks I visited on my first trip was MGM Studios where the infamous Tower of Terror resides. In a nutshell, you are in a lift that freefalls 13 floors. 9 year old me went with my Dad and both of us were ill for the rest of the day! It is here too that you can watch 3D shows (this was before the time that 3D movies were everywhere) and see stunt driving.Image

The water parks are out of this world! Each has some type of lazy river ride where you can just lie on a tube and float around the perimeter of the park but there are also various water slides, swimming area’s and ‘beaches’. It is so much fun and definitely necessary in the humid Florida weather!